The base price for a resident permit in most of Royal Greenwich is £100 for one year.  

You will get a discount if your vehicle has low carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. That means it emits 100 grams or less of CO2 for each kilometre you drive (100g/km).   

You will get an additional charge if your vehicle has higher CO2 emissions and emits 111g/km or more. 

There is an additional £50 charge if your vehicle uses diesel.  

These prices apply to almost all our controlled parking zones (CPZs). Check if you're in a controlled parking zone 

Permit prices in Abbey Wood, Blackheath Standard, Charlton, Eltham North and Westcombe Park will change at a later date. This is because these CPZs are going through a review process. 

Permit price by vehicle CO2 emissions 

Vehicle emissions (gCO2/km) Resident parking permit price
0 £20
1 to 50 £50
51 to 75 £70
76 to 90 £80
91 to 100 £90
101 to 110 £100
111 to 130 £125
131 to 150 £150
151 to 170 £175
171 to 190 £200
191 to 225 £225
226 to 255 £250
Over 255 £300

Find your vehicle’s CO2 emissions  

To find out your vehicle's CO2 emissions, you can:

Households with more than one permit 

A household with more than one resident permit pays a £100 charge for each additional permit.

For example:

  • If you have two vehicles that both emit 140g/km of CO2, you need to buy a permit for both vehicles. 
  • The first permit you buy will cost £150 (the emission based price). 
  • The second permit you buy will cost £250 (the emission based price of £150 plus the £100 charge).  
  • When you renew your permits, they will cost £250 each (the emission based price of £150 plus the £100 charge).  

A household is any property that has a single postal address.

If your permit price is wrong

If your vehicle is not registered with the DVLA, our system will charge you the highest price of £300 for one year.

To avoid this, you can buy temporary permits. These cost £20 for two weeks.

Apply for or renew a resident parking permit

Find out more about changes to parking charges and parking permit prices