Housing estate parking permit terms and conditions

When you apply for an estate parking permit online, you must read and agree to the terms and conditions of using it. You will be asked to confirm that you've read them when you apply. 

General terms and conditions of using a Royal Borough of Greenwich housing estate parking permit  

By applying for any estate parking permit, you agree that:  

  • you will only use the permit for vehicles that are less than 1.95 metres wide and less than 3 metres tall  
  • you will not transfer or sell your permit to another person or business  

You must also be aware that:  

  • a permit will not be valid if the payment is rejected or declined for any reason  
  • having a permit does not guarantee you a parking space or give you the right to park outside your property  
  • the Royal Borough of Greenwich reserves the right to suspend any parking bay at any time  

How we verify your application  

When you apply for or renew an estate parking permit online, you'll be asked to upload documents about your address and the vehicle or vehicles you need a permit for.  

In most cases, depending on the type of permit, the system will issue your permit straight away. In all cases, your documents will be validated by Customer Services after you have applied. This means that we may:  

  • ask you to give us more evidence to support your application or issued permit to confirm the information given in your application  
  • withdraw or cancel a permit if we believe that any of the information given to us is not true  
  • withdraw or cancel any permit if you do not provide the correct documents, or if the property address is not eligible for a permit  

If you knowingly give wrong or false information to get a parking permit for yourself or others, your application will be refused and the Royal Borough of Greenwich reserves the right to take action against you in court.  

Resident permits  

By applying for and using permits that you're eligible to apply for under your housing estate parking permit account, you agree that:  

  • you live at the address given in your application and it is your home address. This means that you must usually live and sleep at the address at least 4 days a week  
  • you cannot apply if you own a property on a housing estate but do not live there  

You must also be aware that the permit will not be valid, and a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) may be issued if you:  

  • no longer own or are no longer insured to drive the vehicle that the permit was issued for  
  • change your vehicle and do not update the details in your online account  
  • move out of the address that the permit is registered to and do not update the details in your online account, or ask us to cancel your permit   

Types of vehicles you need a permit for   

You can apply for a permit if your vehicle is a:   

  • car   
  • motorcycle with attached sidecar   
  • goods vehicle less than 1.95 metres wide and less than 3 metres tall   

You can park a motorcycle or moped free of charge in any housing estate resident bay if it's parked at a right angle to the kerb. Motorcycles and mopeds cannot be parked in bicycle racks.   

Where you can park with an estate permit or estate visitor voucher   

You can use your estate permit to park in parking bays where signs show that they are for estate permit holders. You can only use your permit to park in the housing estate that your permit was issued for. The code on your permit confirms which estate you can park in.   

An estate permit does not allow you to park in a: 

  • Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ)   
  • bay reserved for specific users, such as Blue Badge holders, taxis, car clubs, doctors or coaches   

If there are exceptions for estate permit holders these will be clearly signposted.   

Your permit may be cancelled if you breach any of these terms and conditions. We reserve the right to:   

  • change these terms and conditions by giving you 28 days’ notice   
  • share the information provided to us to prevent or detect fraud   

How we use your information 

Read our data protection privacy notice to understand how the Royal Borough of Greenwich uses your information and how we protect your privacy.   

Read our housing privacy notice to understand what information the Housing Services team collects from you and how they use it