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How to apply for or renew an estate parking permit

The Royal Borough of Greenwich runs a permit parking scheme for residents living on council estates. The scheme was set up at the request of estate residents to help them park near to where they live.

You must have the correct permit to park in any council estate that's in this scheme - view a list of council estates where the scheme operates . There will also be signs on estates where the parking scheme is in place.

Permits are free for eligible residents. To be eligible for a permit, you need to both:

  • be a tenant or leaseholder living on the estate
  • own or lease a car registered to your home address - or officially use a company car.

You only need a permit for a car or vehicle (subject to a height limit of three metres and a width limit of 1.95 metres). You don't need a permit for a motorcycle.

Visitor permits are also available for some estates – view a list of council estates where the scheme operates to see if your estate is eligible for visitor permits.

Blue Badge holders

If you're a Blue Badge holder, you still need to get a council estate permit and should always display it even if your Blue Badge is not on display.

Rules on use of permits

You must display your permit so it's clearly visible. If you do not display your permit, you'll get a parking ticket (parking charge notice) from our contractor Wing Parking Limited and will need to pay a fee to Wing Parking.

You cannot use an estate parking permit in a controlled parking zone and will need a parking permit for controlled parking zones instead.

In some estates, parking bays are marked – in this case, you should park within the bay.

Your estate parking permit is valid for two years from the date of issue.

You must renew your permit when it expires or if it becomes damaged or faded or is otherwise difficult to read. It's your responsibility to do this - we will not send you a reminder.

You'll get a parking ticket if your permit has expired or is difficult to read and you have not renewed it.

Get an estate parking permit

All Wing Parking Ltd. permits are now being issued in person from the Woolwich Centre, via an online appointment system . If you need a new permit, please book an appointment and bring in the relevant documents as proof of address and ID.

Please note, we are no longer accepting requests by email.

What you need to bring

You need to bring all of the following:

  • certificate of motor insurance
  • MOT certificate
  • two forms of proof of residency
  • one form of proof of vehicle ownership

Proof of residency

Choose any two of the following:

  • a bank statement
  • utility bill
  • council tax statement
  • rent statement or mortgage statement no more than three months old
  • tenancy agreement.

Please note - mobile phone bills are not acceptable as proof of residency.

Proof of vehicle ownership

Choose any one of the following:

  • the vehicle registration document (log book) - your vehicle must be registered to the estate address
  • a hire or leasing agreement
  • a letter from your employer if the vehicle is a company car
  • an insurance cover note if you recently bought the vehicle.

Whatever document you choose, it must show your name, current address and the vehicle registration.

Renew an estate parking permit

Your estate parking permit is valid for two years from the date of issue.

You must renew your permit when it expires or if it becomes damaged or faded or is otherwise difficult to read. It's your responsibility to do this - we won't send you a reminder.

You'll get a parking ticket if your permit has expired or is difficult to read and you haven't renewed it.

To renew your permit please book an appointment and bring in the relevant documents as proof of address and ID.