If you know someone is misusing a Blue Badge or suspect someone is misusing a Blue Badge, report it to blue-badge-fraud@royalgreenwich.gov.uk

What counts as misuse

Misuse of a Blue Badge by the badge holder includes:

  • parking in the wrong place or parking for too long where there's a time limit
  • using a badge that's no longer valid or that has been reported as lost or stolen
  • letting a friend or relative use the badge for any reason, for example carrying out errands for you
  • using a copied badge
  • changing the details on the badge - for example the expiry date
  • making a fraudulent application (providing false information on the application form) or using a badge obtained fraudulently.

Misuse by someone other than the badge holder includes:

  • using someone else's badge without the badge holder being present in the vehicle at some point during the trip – this can be with or without the badge holder's knowledge
  • using a badge belonging to someone who has died
  • copying, changing or making badges
  • using a stolen badge or fake badge.

What happens if someone misuses a Blue Badge

Misuse of a Blue Badge is a serious criminal offence and your badge can be withdrawn if you misuse it, or allow others to misuse it. If anyone else uses the badge they may be fined up to £1,000.