Different types of parking ticket appeals

There are different ways to challenge a parking ticket, or Penalty Charge Notice (PCN), depending on when you received the parking ticket.

  • Initial challenge - if you have just received a parking ticket and think it has been wrongly issued, you can challenge it. If you make an initial challenge within 14 days of receiving a parking ticket and your challenge is rejected you will be offered a further 14 days to pay the discounted amount. If the challenge is made after this period the full amount will be due.
  • Formal representation - if you have received a Notice to Owner letter from Parking Services, you will need to make a formal parking appeal
  • Vehicle removal - if your vehicle has been impounded, you will need to pay for the release your vehicle from the car pound before you can appeal - Release your vehicle from a car pound

Initial parking challenge 

You can make an initial parking challenge and view images of the contravention online (this is the quickest way), or write to Parking Services at the address at the bottom of this page.

We cannot accept a challenge in person, or over the phone.

Make an initial parking challenge

What we will need to know

To look at your case we need to know:

  • the Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) number
  • the vehicle registration number

Note: If your parking ticket is over 28 days old, and you have received a Notice to Owner form, you will need to make a formal representation instead.

What happens next

We will inform you by letter whether or not we agree with your challenge. If we agree, we will cancel the ticket.

If we reject your reasons and the ticket is not cancelled, you can either:

  • accept the decision and pay the fine. You get 50 per cent off if you pay within 14 days of the date on the reply letter
  • or make a formal appeal. We will automatically send you a document called Notice to Owner, with full instructions, if after a further 28 days the fine remains unpaid.