What to do if your vehicle has been removed

Where contracted to Royal Borough of Greenwich, vehicle removal companies and bailiffs - also known as civil enforcement agencies - have the authority to remove vehicles.

To find out if your vehicle has been towed or relocated, you should visit the London TRACE service website.

A vehicle may be relocated to another street in the vicinity or taken to a car pound if it:

  • is parked illegally
  • is causing an obstruction
  • is parked in contravention of regulations around a special event, such as a Charlton Athletic home game
  • has multiple unpaid and unchallenged parking fines (penalty charge notices or PCNs) outstanding.

Find out where your vehicle was moved 

If you believe that your car has either been removed or relocated you should visit the London TRACE service website to find out the location of your vehicle.

In most cases, before a vehicle is removed or relocated for a parking contravention, you should receive a penalty charge notice (PCN).

If your vehicle has been relocated

Once you have obtained the location of your vehicle from the TRACE website, you must collect it from there. If the vehicle is relocated, a PCN may have been issued but there is no cost for the relocation.

Releasing your vehicle from the car pound

To secure the release of a vehicle that has been taken to the car pound, the vehicle owner will need to visit the pound in person and:

  • pay the PCN fee plus removal charges
  • provide personal identification and proof of vehicle ownership
  • provide proof of address such as a recent utility bill.

To release a vehicle from the car pound you will need to pay the total of the following charges:

  • £200
  • the amount shown on the PCN (discounted by 50 per cent if paid within 14 days)
  • a vehicle storage charge of £40 per day (storage charges become applicable from midnight of the day after the vehicle was removed)
  • the full amounts on all other outstanding PCNs.


If you think that the PCN should not have been issued or your vehicle was wrongly impounded, you can appeal - but only after you have paid for the release of your vehicle from the car pound.

Appeal a parking penalty - vehicle removed