Join a car club and save money

Car clubs offer a membership scheme that provides all the benefits of being able to use a car without the cost and hassle of owning one.

The scheme gives you all-day access to a network of cars in your neighbourhood, and throughout the UK, on a pay-as-you-drive basis. Members can save up to hundreds of pounds a month compared to private car ownership.

Car clubs can also help to improve air quality and reduce parking pressures by reducing the number of vehicles on the road.

Car clubs typically charge an annual membership fee and a per-hour charge. Most also offer daily rates for longer hires, making car clubs a great option for weekends away.

A range of car club vehicles are available in Royal Greenwich, from small four-seat cars to family cars and vans.

Enterprise Car Club

Car club vehicles on public roads are operated by Enterprise Car Club. Some cars parked in off-street parking bays are still operated by Zipcar.

Electric car club

The Council is working with Enterprise Car Club to trial an electric car club in the Low Emission Neighbourhood (LEN) of Greenwich and the Peninsula. Six electric cars, Nissan Leafs, are now available from fixed charging bays in:

  • Roan Street
  • Park Row car park
  • Straightsmouth
  • Lassell Street
  • Banning Street
  • Tarves Way 

This scheme is the perfect way of seeing if an electric vehicle will work for you. Any Enterprise Car Club member can use the electric cars.

For a limited period, Royal Greenwich residents who sign up for Enterprise Car Club can enjoy free membership (usual annual membership is £60), which also includes a £10 driving credit.

Business membership

Enterprise Car Club offers a business membership with 24-hour access to vehicles in Royal Greenwich, London and 16 other UK cities.

More about Enterprise Car Club business membership

Current members of Zipcar

Residents who are currently members of Zipcar are eligible for free membership of Enterprise Car Club for up to three years, and should contact Enterprise Car Club to arrange this. Additionally, as the new provider of on-street car clubs in the borough, Enterprise Car Club is offering residents of Royal Greenwich who are not currently members of any car club free membership of the club for the first year. This is a limited offer, contact Enterprise Car Club for details.

Joining a car club

To join a car club, simply contact either Enterprise Car Club or Zipcar to arrange membership, and they will do the rest.