Creating space for social distancing

We identified areas in the borough where social distancing measures could be put in place, focusing on areas of highest need and demand. 

Town centres

We prioritised the three major town centres, Greenwich, Woolwich and Eltham, and have already created more space in these locations. We are monitoring how the measures are working by listening to feedback and making changes as needed. 


We have widened many of the narrow footways in Greenwich town centre by using barriers to reduce the road width. We are looking to make further changes in this area in coordination with TfL’s plans for Cycleway 4, which will connect Greenwich with Tower Bridge and Greenwich with Woolwich. 


Our plans for Woolwich are mainly focussed on tackling pinch points on:

  • Calderwood Street
  • Thomas Street
  • Wellington Street
  • Woolwich New Road
  • Vincent Road
  • Wilmount Street. 


Our priority in Eltham town centre was to suspend footway parking to make the footways wider for queuing outside shops and walking along the street. We’ve closed off footway parking with barriers, except for disabled bays and necessary loading bays and protection for cyclists has been added to the cycle lanes on the high street. If you need to drive to Eltham, there are several car parks in the town centre.  

Other locations

As well as making changes in the major town centres, we intend to create more space for social distancing at two other locations in the borough, Plumstead High Street and Queen Elizabeth Hostpital.

Plumstead High Street

The high street, which is also part of a busy bus route, is narrow so it is more challenging to create wider footways. However, we've got funding to make minor changes where possible and reduce footway clutter. 

Queen Elizabeth Hospital

The borough’s major hospital is served by seven bus routes. This means there are often many people waiting at bus stops in the area. We've now got funding to create extra space for passengers waiting for a bus on Stadium Road.