Apply for or renew a CPZ parking permit

What you need to apply  

To apply for and renew a permit you will need to upload some documents about where you live and the vehicle you want a permit for. The documents you need will depend on the type of permit you’re applying for.  

Check what documents you need for the permit you’re applying for   

You will also need a credit or debit card for payment.  

We are aware that some users have had problems paying for parking permits using the Safari browser. We recommend you use a different browser while we look into this.

! Warning Your application could be refused, or you could be taken to court if you knowingly give wrong or false information to get a parking permit for yourself or others. 

Apply for or renew a parking permit  

If you cannot apply online, call our contact centre on 020 8921 4339.  

When to renew your permit  

You can renew your permit online up to 30 days before it expires. We will send you a reminder, but it is your responsibility to make sure you renew your permit.