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Parking permits allow you and your visitors to park in controlled parking zones (CPZs) in the Royal Borough of Greenwich.  

There's a different parking permits system for council estates

You can apply for, renew and manage your CPZ permits online. You can also: 

  • transfer your parking permit to a new vehicle or courtesy vehicle 
  • get a refund on your parking permit 
  • apply to park on a yellow line

When you apply, you’ll usually get a virtual permit instead of a paper one. You’ll get an email to confirm that your permit has been issued.  

Some permits will be issued instantly which means they’ll be valid as soon as you’ve applied and paid. These permits are:  

  • resident permits 
  • business permits 
  • tradesperson permits 
  • visitor vouchers 

Other permits will be issued when they’ve been approved, and you’ll get an email to confirm. 

Check what vehicles you need a permit for and where you can park