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Giving children the chance to play on their doorstep

Kids (and adults!) can reclaim their streets for a few hours and have fun outdoors - all thanks to a scheme that closes residential streets to through traffic for a few hours.

It’s a great way to build community spirit, with parents and residents able to apply to close a street and act as marshals.

It also promotes safer neighbourhoods, helps to reduce air pollution, encourages outdoor activity - all while having fun!

To find out more and apply for a Play Street event, please complete the follow steps:

  1. Email to find out if your street is eligible (for example, it must be a residential street with no bus route).
  2. Once you have received confirmation that your street is eligible, gauge support for your Play Street event by talking to your neighbours.
  3. Send a letter to all residents to introduce the idea and invite them to an informal residents meeting. This is an opportunity to express concerns, ask questions and discuss practicalities. Aim to enlist sufficient numbers of residents that represent the street and can help to run the event. 
  4. Ask your neighbours to complete the signatories register to confirm their support of the Play Street event. Please note you will need to secure the support of at least two thirds of the total number of residents on the street to be closed. 
  5. Finally, complete the application form and email it to   Don't forget to include the separate document with the supporting signatures.

If your application is approved, we will provide you with road closed signs (and where needed, road ahead closed signs) to put up on the day.

Stewarding the closures

During play streets sessions the street won’t be closed completely; people living on the street can still drive to and from their homes at 5mph. You will need to recruit friends or neighbours to help on the day; there has to be someone at each end of the street to warn cars and escort them in or out once children have been cleared from the road.

When to apply

For events to be held in spring 2020, please submit your application by Saturday 29 February.