Exemption criteria

A property left unoccupied because the person responsible for council tax is a student who is living elsewhere for study purposes may be eligible for an exemption.

Exemption conditions

When last occupied, the property must have been the sole or main residence of a person who is a student.

The student must have begun living elsewhere for study purposes within six weeks of leaving the property.

The course must be a full-time course - that is, last for at least one academic year, take more than 24 weeks in that year and involve more than 21 hours a week of study.

How to apply

You need to download and complete the application form and send it to the address on the form.

Apply for an exemption on a property left unoccupied by a full-time student

You also need to provide a student certificate - you can get this from the student administrator at your college. You cannot claim the exemption with a letter of acceptance onto a course.

Duration of exemption

The exemption only lasts for the duration of the full-time course.

Related discounts and exemptions

A property that is occupied entirely by students is exempt from council tax under exemption Class N.

There is also a student and trainees council tax discount.