Benefits for private tenants

If you rent your home from a private landlord and you have financial difficulties that are affecting your ability to pay your rent, you should speak to your landlord about it.

Housing Benefit

Whether you rent from a private landlord or a housing association you can claim Housing Benefit, even if you do not receive any other benefits.

You can also claim if you are a lodger, a sub-tenant or if you live in a hostel.

Housing Benefit is paid by the Council and is based on the level of rent, your income, savings and personal circumstances. Housing Benefit can be paid directly to your landlord.

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Landlords with financial problems

If your landlord falls behind with their mortgage payments, you could find yourself faced with eviction. Most tenants are in a weak position if their landlord's lender wants to repossess the property.

If you think that repossession by your landlord's lender is a possibility, you should get legal advice immediately.

The Housing Aid Centre can offer advice and information on getting legal help and finding out about rehousing options.