When to inform us of changes in your circumstances

If you do not tell us about changes in your circumstances, you could be paid too much benefit. If this occurs, you can be held responsible for paying back the overpayment.

You must tell us, in writing, about any changes in your circumstance that you think will affect your Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Support, such as:

  • changes to your income, wages or savings
  • changes to your tax credits
  • changes to your pension
  • changes to the income of other people living in your home
  • someone else moves into your property
  • you have a change of address
  • your children leaving school or starting work
  • anyone in your household going into hospital
  • leaving the country
  • the birth of a child
  • changes to the amount of rent being charged.

It is your responsibility to tell us if your Income Support or Jobseeker's Allowance stops. Jobcentre Plus is not responsible for telling us about this type of change.

If you are not sure which changes you should tell us about, contact us at benefits@royalgreenwich.gov.uk or on 020 8921 4900 and we will clarify the situation with you.

If you no longer wish to claim benefits

You should notify us in writing as soon as possible giving us the date from which you no longer wish to claim. If you delay notifying us you may be overpaid Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support, and you may have to repay the money.

Returning cheques

If you no longer wish to claim Housing Benefit or you want to return a cheque which you are not entitled to, you can bring the cheque into one of our customer service centres at the Woolwich Centre or the Eltham Centre.

Alternatively you can post the cheque to us with a letter to say why you are returning it and, if appropriate, what day you no longer wish to claim from. You should write 'cancelled' across the front of the cheque. This will prevent it being cashed if it is lost in the post.

Post cheques to:

Advice and Benefits,
The Woolwich Centre,
35 Wellington Street,
London SE18 6HQ

If you would like payments to be made directly into your bank account you should return the cheque with a covering letter giving details of the bank and account that you would like your benefit paid into. These details should include the account name and number and the bank sort code.

In some circumstances payments can also be made directly to your landlord. If you are in receipt of Local Housing Allowance these circumstances are very limited. If you wish to discuss this option please call us on 020 8921 4900 or visit one of the Royal Borough of Greenwich's service centres.