Residential services for children

When a child cannot live with their own family or stay with foster carers, they may go to a children's home.

The home is a place for children to develop and grow, and provides food, shelter and space for play and leisure in a caring environment. Children's homes look after children with many different needs.

Local children's home

The Royal Borough of Greenwich has one children's home within the borough. It provides short to medium term care for young people aged between 10 and 18 years old.

The staff work with the relevant social workers and agencies to make sure the children in their care do as well as possible.

A care plan is put together that says why a child is living in a home, what is supposed to happen while they are living there and what is supposed to happen at the end of their stay.

Staying in touch with family

Staff at the home work to help children stay in touch with family and friends unless they might be hurt by this, or if there is a court order saying that contact is not allowed.

If possible, the aim will be to return the child or young person home or onto a foster family. We will help older young people prepare for living independently.

What about school?

It's important that life goes on as normally as possible. Children will continue to go to their own school if they have a school place, or we will help to get them back into school. Some young people may still attend different programmes in the community, for example college.

Ethnic, religious and cultural needs

Children and young people are respected as individuals. When children are looked after by the Royal Borough of Greenwich, provision is made for their ethnic, religious and cultural needs. This encourages children to keep their sense of personal heritage, identity and community.

Further information

Please contact our Placements team if you would like to know more.

Guide for looked-after children and young people