What if a parent will not give consent?

If our Children's Services team thinks that a child is at risk of significant harm, and those with parental responsibility won't give consent for a child to become looked after, a court application may be made to remove the child from the family home.

Right to legal representation

The social worker must complete an assessment and provide a full statement and care plan so that the court can make an informed decision. Those with parental responsibility have the right to legal representation, and a solicitor and a guardian will represent the child's interests.

If the child is made subject to a full care order, parental responsibility is shared with the local authority and permanent care plans are made. These may include:

  • rehabilitation home
  • placement with relatives or friends
  • adoption
  • special guardianship
  • long-term fostering.

Further information

Please contact Children's Services if you would like to know more.

Guide for looked-after children and young people