Adoption support for birth families

Adoption support services can also be accessed by birth family members whose children have been adopted.

We understand that having a child adopted is a very difficult and emotional experience.

Counselling services

If you are a birth parent or a family member of a child who has recently been placed for adoption we can offer you support in accessing counselling services.

Contact with adopted children

We can look at the important issue of contact between the adopted child or children and their birth family to promote the child or children's sense of identity and belonging.

This can be either direct contact through meetings, or indirect such as writing letters. This is known as our Letterbox Service.

Intermediary service

If you are a birth family member of a child placed for adoption who is now over 18 years of age and you wish to have contact with them, you can access our intermediary service to support you with this.

Contact the Adoption Support Team

If you would like to know more or to be put on our mailing list to receive information about events which may be of interest, please contact the Adoption Support Team.