Registered childminder

Registered childminders have a legal requirement to register with Ofsted.

Ofsted decides how many children a childminder can be registered to care for and regularly inspects childminders to make sure that they continue to meet the strict requirements.

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Checks you should make

A childminders registration certificate should be on display. You should also ask to see their most recent inspection report.

You can also confirm that a Greenwich childminder is registered by contacting the Families Information Service at or 020 8921 6921.

Number of children

Childminders can look after a maximum of three children under five, and three children between five and eight, including the childminders own children.

Normally, a childminder can only care for one child younger than one year old (including the childminders own child). Childminders may look after additional children over eight years old.

Find a childminder

View a list of registered childminders on the Family Services Directory

Find a nanny

Parents may instead choose to employ a nanny to care for their children. If they want to use childcare vouchers to help pay for the cost of employing a nanny, the nanny will need to be registered with the OFSTED Voluntary Childcare Register (VCR) or be willing to be registered.

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