Housing repair service

We are running a reduced housing repairs service until Wednesday 29 May due to industrial action. We will deal with emergencies as normal but may contact you to reschedule pre-booked appointments.

What is a child and family assessment?

A child and family assessment is carried out by a social worker from the Royal Borough of Greenwich's Children's Services.

We will gather information about a child in order to work out what services are needed, and who should provide them.

This process involves discussing the issues around:

  • your child's development
  • how you are coping with parenting
  • any other pressures that you may be facing.

This is how we determine if your child is at risk and if you need support.

When and where do assessments take place?

The assessment can take place within your family home, our offices or somewhere else depending on the situation of your child.

This assessment should be completed within 45 working days of the referral being accepted by Children's Services.

With your permission, Children's Services will talk to other people involved in your child's situation, for example a teacher or health visitor.

How will my child be involved?

In the majority of cases, if your child is old enough, the social worker will need to talk to them.

In some circumstances the social worker will talk to professionals who may know your child well. Understanding your child's difficulty or their point of view may help to resolve these difficulties.

Your child will usually be seen with you. Sometimes, where it is felt to be appropriate, the child may be seen on their own or in a familiar environment such as a school or nursery.

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