Support for young mothers

Having a child when you are young doesn't mean you can't get on with your own life.

The Council and other organisations can help you with:

  • supported housing
  • education, training and employment
  • groups for teenage parents
  • free childcare to help you get back into education or training.


You can get practical and financial help if you are pregnant, or have had a baby, and want to continue with education.

Under 16s

If you are under 16 we can work with your school to allow you to continue your education. Contact us for more information at

16 to 19

There are a range of further education and training options available to older teenagers.

You can also find out about learning resources at The Point.


Our childminding scheme, Care to Learn, is for parents aged between 16 and 19 who want to start, or continue, a course in a school sixth form or sixth-form college.

Up to £5,000 is available for childcare with a registered childminder without affecting your own, or your family's, benefits or allowances.

Find out more about getting help with childcare costs (Gov.UK)


If you are over 18, contact the Housing Inclusion Service for general advice about your housing options at

If you are interested in renting a property from the Council you can register for Greenwich Homes, our choice-based lettings system.

However, there is a long wait for Council housing and you are also advised to consider private rented accommodation and our housing advisers can discuss this with you.

Join the housing register

1st Base

If you are 16 or 17 and have a housing problem or are worried about becoming homeless, you can get advice from 1st Base Housing.

1st Base can also offer housing support to young parents up to 21, to help you gain the knowledge and skills to manage on your own.


You may also be able to get help with housing costs.

Find out more information on our housing benefit and council tax support pages