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Start Well Greenwich offers children the best start in life by integrating health visiting with children’s centres, resulting in improved service delivery and better outcomes for children under five.

What services are included?

Start Well Greenwich incorporates the following services:

  • children's centres
  • health visiting (including additional support for teenage mothers, young fathers and their babies)

How are the services delivered?

Families and young people can access support services for children under five in the locations listed below:

Children’s Centres

Greenwich Leisure Limited (GLL) operates the following children’s centres in the east and south of the borough:

  • Discovery
  • Waterways
  • Mulberry Park
  • Abbey Wood
  • Alderwood
  • Shooters Hill
  • Eltham
  • Greenacres
  • Vista Field
  • Storkway

Home-Start Greenwich operates the following children’s centres in the centre of the borough:

  • Brookhill
  • Plumstead
  • Plumstead Common
  • Slade
  • Glyndon
  • Mulgrave
  • Cardwell
  • Eglinton

Quaggy Development Trust operates the following children’s centres in the west of the borough:

  • Sherington
  • Invicta
  • Quaggy
  • Rachel McMillan
  • Robert Owen
  • Pound Park

Young Greenwich 2020

Young Greenwich is a universal youth service available for any young person who lives or studies in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, between the age of 10 and 19 (or up to 25 with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities).

What services are included?

  • school nursing (including additional support for young people who offend and those at risk)
  • weight management services for children and young people
  • sexual health outreach services
  • universal youth services (including summer activities and after school activities)

It strengthens the universal and preventative offer for children, young people and families in Greenwich, with a new pathway of services for adolescents and school-aged children.

How are the services delivered?

Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust and partners Charlton Athletic Community Trust and Metro Charity have delivered Young Greenwich from 1 April 2020, to provide integrated and more diverse services to meet diverse needs across the borough.

The service is delivered from Youth Hubs across the borough (Valley Central, Hawksmoor, Avery Hill and Woolwich Common) and a variety of community settings, as well as offering a virtual programme for children and young people to access online.  

Access Young Greenwich services

Health Visiting for Under-fives

Start Well works partnership with midwives and other professionals in primary care, social care and the voluntary sector. 

The new provision integrates the delivery of Health Visiting and Children’s Centres to have services in one place and make life easier for families, making it simpler to meet the right people at the right time in one place.

Health Visiting will be delivered by Bromley Healthcare who are working together with our Children’s Centre providers.  You can contact the Health Visiting Service direct at: