Housing repair service

We are running a reduced housing repairs service until Wednesday 29 May due to industrial action. We will deal with emergencies as normal but may contact you to reschedule pre-booked appointments.

Terms and conditions for football bookings

The kick off times must be strictly adhered to in order that the changing facilities are vacated for the afternoon matches or by the closing time of the park.

  • Practice play of a casual nature or casual play is strictly prohibited on the match pitches
  • Pitches must not be sub-let under any circumstances
  • Permits will be issued via email to named clubs for each allocated date. Permits are not transferable by individual clubs
  • In the event of any club using a permit not issued to them, the club to whom the permit was issued will forfeit the right to use any other permits issued to them during the season, and all permit charges will be forfeited by the Royal Borough of Greenwich
  • The club to whom the permit is issued will be responsible for the behaviour of both teams whilst at the ground. Cases of misconduct on the pitch within the ground or at the changing facilities may result in the clubs allocation of permits being cancelled and the forfeiture of any registration fee paid
  • On every occasion when a match is played, the permit for the use of the pitch must be shown to the officer in charge and the name of the club's opponents given to that officer. In the event of this not happening, the team will not be allowed to use the pitch and no refund will be made
  • Payment of the fees implies the club's acceptance of the above regulations
  • The Royal Borough's officer in charge is authorised to prohibit play if in his or hers opinion, it would from any cause be detrimental to the pitch
  • If the state of the ground prevents a match from commencing, the permit fee will be credited to the club hiring the pitch. In this, the decision of the officer will be final
  • The Royal Borough of Greenwich will not be liable in respect of any personal injury arising from the use of the pitches for playing football nor any loss or damage to any property whether belonging to the club or not
  • The secretary of each club shall agree on behalf of the club to release and indemnify the Royal Borough of Greenwich and its officers, servants or agents from and against all liability for personal injury (whether fatal or otherwise), loss or damage to property or any loss or damage costs and expenses howsoever caused or concurred, which but for the letting of pitches would not have arisen
  • The above conditions also apply to changing rooms and facilities used as part of the pitch hire
  • No person employed by the Royal Borough of Greenwich is allowed to demand or accept any gratuity and members of clubs and their representatives shall not offer any such gratuity
  • All communication regarding a club's use of facilities must be emailed by the Secretary to parks@royalgreenwich.gov.uk. Any change of secretary must be notified within seven days of change
  • Clubs are expected to provide their own nets. Clubs without nets will be able to hire them from onsite staff against a refundable deposit of £30. A £10 hire fee is payable in advance with the permit fee
  • Clubs will be responsible for erecting and removing nets and the provision of their ground anchorage pegs, which must be removed after the game
  • The Royal Borough of Greenwich condemns all forms of discrimination, harassment or victimisation. We will not tolerate persecution of anyone because of his or her ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, age, income, employment status or religious belief. The diversity of the community should be celebrated and valued
  • The Royal Borough of Greenwich is committed to ensuring that all those who take part in sporting activities are able to do so without fear of prosecution.

Notice is given hereby that any conduct which is viewed by the Royal Borough of Greenwich to be in conflict with the spirit of this commitment shall be held to be misconduct within the meaning of regulation 8.