A potted history of Greenwich's royal past

Greenwich became a Royal Borough in 2012. Here are some of our borough's royal births, deaths, marriages, establishments and connections in a timeline through the ages.

Royal Patronage

  • Cutty Sark - Duke of Edinburgh
  • National Maritime Museum - Duke of Edinburgh/Duke of York
  • Firepower - The Queen
  • Trinity College - Duke of Kent

Royal Charters

  • 918 Elfridce (Elstrudis) gives Lewisham with Greenwich, Woolwich, Mottingham and Coomb to the Abbey of St Peter at Ghent
  • 964 Confirmed by Edgar
  • 1044 Charter of Edward the Confessor reaffirming grant to Ghent
  • 1081 Charter of William the Conqueror reaffirming grant to Ghent
  • c.1120 Charter of Henry I reaffirming grant to Ghent
  • c.1165 Charter of Henry II reaffirming grant to Ghent
  • 1209 Charter of King John reaffirming grant to Ghent.

Knighthoods awarded in Greenwich

  • 1581 Elizabeth I knighted Sir Francis Drake on board the Golden Hind at Deptford Dockyard
  • 1967 Elizabeth II used same sword to knight Sir Francis Chichester at Greenwich
  • 1714 George I knighted Sir John Vanbrugh, surveyor to the Royal Hospital, and Sir William Sanderson, Captain of the Peregrine.

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