Allotment rules

We have produced an allotment protocol that guides the allocation of allotment plots and lists conditions under which a tenant may be given notice to quit. Here is a summary of the allotment protocol, which came into effect in July 2011.

  1. Plots are offered to the person at the top of the waiting list as they become available.
  2. Allotment applicants can only add their details to one of the available waiting lists.
  3. Waiting lists will close when they reach the same capacity as number of plots on the site.
  4. Tenants who already have a plot on one site cannot apply for another on the same site or another site.
  5. Allotment waiting lists are closed to non-residents of the borough. Such applicants will be encouraged to apply to their own or neighbouring boroughs.
  6. Tenants cannot wait for specific plot numbers on a chosen site.
  7. Royal Borough will issue five-rod plots as standard. Ten-rod plots will be halved into two five-rod plots should they become available.
  8. Allotment tenancies terminate automatically on the death of the tenant.
  9. To be eligible for a concession on allotment rent, proof of entitlement must be received no later than 1 March to receive a discount for the coming year commencing 1 April.
  10. Tenants who do not cultivate their plots will be sent one warning, allowing them 14 days to show noticeable signs of improvement.
  11. If there has been no improvement to cultivation after 14 days, tenants will be issued with a final notice to quit. Any representations against the non-cultivation warning must be made during the 14-day warning period.