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Priority habitats and species in our local area

We have produced a Biodiversity Action Plan that outlines plans to protect wildlife species native to the borough as well as protecting their habitats.


The plan identifies things we can do to enhance biodiversity, as well as six priority habitats and six priority species.

These are the priority habitats identified:

  • acid grassland and heathland
  • gardens
  • parks and green spaces
  • wasteland
  • waters' edge, rivers, ponds and wetland
  • woodland.

The priority species are bat, black poplar, black redstart, hedgehog, stag beetle and water vole.

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What we're doing

The Council's planning policies ensure that development schemes do not cause fragmentation of wildlife corridors and that mitigation to prevent this (for example, through landscaping) is included before planning permission is granted.

Rehabilitation and restoration of existing fragmented corridors will be promoted for new development proposals.

The Council will also work to raise awareness of how residents can support and encourage hedgehogs in their gardens such as through gaps in fences. Read the Biodiversity Action Plan to find out how you can help.

Download the Biodiversity Action Plan

How you can get involved

The Biodiversity Action Plan will only be successful if lots of people get involved in it. The Royal Borough of Greenwich is committed to working with residents, organisations, schools and local groups to achieve the aims of the plan.