How we'll measure our success

When designing change, it is important to know how we’d recognise success. Here is a non-complete list of success measures, which doubles as a list of benefits. 

Quantitative measures

  • reduced spend on customer services by reducing demand both over the phone and face to face 

  • reduced technology running costs through contract disaggregation and bringing services and systems in-house  

  • reduced failure demand across the council from double contact by black holes in service, meaning business areas can realise efficiencies  

  • reduced officer time for business areas spent on back office processing, through better systems integration and automation  

  • reduced paper usage, helping to meet the council’s climate commitments  

  • potential to redesign our estates and make our workforce mobile  

  • reduced complaints as services are redesigned to be easier to use 

  • reduced case work from escalation of complaints. 

Qualitative measures:  

  • improved customer services for those looking for the most common services, indicated by customer satisfaction 

  • improved council reputation externally  

  • improved support for long-term customers of major business areas, like adult and children’s social care and housing tenants  

  • happier and more productive staff due to access to better tech  

  • happier members with fewer customer complaints.