What is Fairtrade?

Greenwich for Fairtrade is encouraging local people to support a fair deal for producers and farm workers around the world.

Fairtrade ensures that farmers are guaranteed a fair price for the goods they produce. Any extra money is invested in their communities.

Fairtrade helps tens of thousands of small farmers in poor countries build a better life for themselves, their families and communities.

The Royal Borough and other organisations regularly hold events to promote Fairtrade.

How you can help

To make sure that producers and farmers are getting a fair deal from the products you buy, look for the Fairtrade mark.

Find out more about Fairtrade products (Fairtrade website)

You can also help by promoting the Fairtrade message:

  • At work, use Fairtrade tea and coffee
  • If you don't see Fairtrade foods on the shelf at your local store, ask them to stock them
  • Encourage your school to learn about Fairtrade

Fairtrade schools

Events to increase awareness of Fairtrade are welcomed by us and it is now possible for schools to be officially recognised as a Fairtrade school.

There are a range of benefits in signing up to the scheme, not only to support farmers and workers in the developing world, but also to offer students new skills and introduce a series of health-led initiatives.

Find out more about becoming a Fairtrade school (Fairtrade website)