Report unsafe or harmful food

If you think a restaurant, shop or other business is supplying food that is unsafe or harmful to human health, or isn't following food hygiene standards, report it so we can investigate.

The Council can only investigate food bought within Royal Greenwich that:

  • isn't safe to eat or makes you ill
  • is mouldy
  • contains a foreign object such as a fragment of glass or metal
  • is contaminated with chemicals or improper additives
  • has false descriptions, is wrongly labelled or has misleading claims
  • has been tampered with, for example has added water or fat
  • is being sold after its 'use by' date.

The Council doesn't deal with any claims for compensation or refunds. This is a matter between the complainant and the retailer or manufacturer.

For all other food complaints, contact the shop or manufacturer. Examples include:

  • products you bought from a large retailer or restaurant chain
  • food beyond its 'best before' date
  • poor quality food, such as over-ripe or damaged fruit and vegetables
  • something being on the food which comes naturally from the product itself or its surrounding environment - for example insects on or in fruit and vegetables.

How to report

Contact the Food Safety Team. When making a complaint, you should:

  • keep any receipts
  • write down the exact name and address of where you bought the food
  • keep the food in its wrapper and container
  • leave in place any foreign object found in the food, for example a fragment of glass
  • store the food in the fridge or freezer, making sure it's separate from other foods.

What happens next

If you complain about a food business, we may:

  • pay an unannounced visit to the food business
  • write to the business and check it the next time we inspect the premises.