How we regulate businesses

Environmental Health and Trading Standards aims to protect and improve the health, safety and quality of life of residents and people working in or visiting the Royal Borough and ensure a fair trading environment.

We recognise the needs of businesses and are keen to offer advice on how best to comply with the law.

However, if formal action is needed we'll take a fair and proportionate approach in line with our enforcement policy.

Service standards for businesses

How our officers will behave:

  • show identification and be courteous throughout their visit
  • communicate with you clearly using plain language.

What advice they'll give:

  • tell you about any problems they have identified and advise about how they can be avoided
  • tell you whether anything they advise you to do is required by law or is good practice
  • tell you what law you are breaking if you are not complying with the legislation relevant to your business.

How our officers will follow up an issue:

  • give you reasons in writing if they ask you to take any action following an inspection
  • give you a reasonable amount of time to take any remedial action except where there is an immediate risk to public health or safety or a serious breach of legislation
  • advise you of how you can appeal against their actions if you disagree with them.

What guidance our officers follow:

  • our enforcement policy if formal action is necessary
  • any codes of practice issued by the national regulators or any other relevant authoritative body.