Mandatory and discretionary charitable rate relief

If your charity is registered with the Charity Commission, you can claim 80 per cent off your bill. This is mandatory rate relief.

Apply for mandatory rate relief

You may be able to claim for the remaining 20 per cent by applying for discretionary relief. If your group is not eligible for mandatory relief, you may still be able to claim up to 100 per cent discretionary relief.

If you apply, we'll arrange a visit to the property to check your application.

The Council will decide whether to grant discretionary charitable rate relief based on certain criteria. You can find our guidelines in the discretionary rate relief policy.

Apply for discretionary rate relief

You'll need to provide copies of your latest audited accounts and your organisation's constitution with the application.

After you apply

If you're successful, we'll apply the relief to your business rate account. If you're unsuccessful, we'll write explaining why you don't qualify.

Please note: You need to pay business rates as normal while we're assessing your application.

Relief in exceptional circumstances

We may also award relief to organisations under exceptional circumstances.

To request relief under exceptional circumstances, write to explaining why we should award you this relief.