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Best Food and Drink Venue Award 
Sponsored by Drury Tea and Coffee 

Rewarding local food and drink establishments which primarily offer an in-person service and. This category if for businesses who have excelled at delivering the best customer experience, through a combination of superb food and drink, a welcoming ambience, value for money and consistently high levels of service which in so doing has brought vibrancy and vitality to the area they operate in, This category includes hotels, restaurants, pubs, and cafés. Nominees must explain how they have gained support from their customers with good quality food and drink, great or convenient service, or a great customer experience. The winner will be chosen by public vote, from the nominees shortlisted by the judges. 

Best New Business Award (not more than 2 years old)  
Sponsored by University of Greenwich

New businesses help strengthen the foundation of the local economy contributing to economic growth, creating new jobs, products and services. This category recognises new businesses that have become established in the last 2 years. Nominees must show how they have taken an idea and turned it into a new business which has gained traction and support from their customers (and investors, if relevant), by providing a quality product or service and/or good value for money, and/or a great customer experience.  

Greener Greenwich Award
Sponsored by The O2 

In line with our commitment of being carbon neutral by 2030 this award celebrates organisations that are taking an active role in tackling the climate crisis and improving environmental sustainability. The award recognises those businesses that are working hard to reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact. We want to see your commitment to long term impacts, what part you are playing in being environmentally sustainable and your journey to reduce carbon emissions to net zero. Examples of your work could include the use of green / clean technology to create goods and services in the borough. Businesses should be able to show how successful their greener working practices are in way of having a positive impact on the local environment, for example, plastic reduction or protection of scarce resources. 

Health and Wellbeing Award 
Sponsored by GLL - Better 

This category recognises that people’s health supports them in living their best life. It seeks to showcase those organisations that best look after the health and wellbeing of their employees, their clients, and/or the local community. It recognises those businesses that have taken positive steps in creating a supportive environment for their employees to succeed.  

These businesses will be able to demonstrate their commitment to the health and wellbeing of their workforce.  Judges will be looking for those businesses that have developed and implemented an effective, holistic strategy which has had a proven and significant positive impact on the wellbeing of its workforce. For reference on looking after employees, the Mayor of London's Good Work Standard, provides a good guide. 

High Street Business Award 
Sponsored by Hindwoods 

We want our town centres, high streets and shopping areas to be vibrant and provide goods and services that our residents need. Therefore, we want to celebrate independent retailers across the borough and recognise the important role you play in helping our high streets thrive and in meeting the needs of residents, communities and visitors. We want to hear how you gain and maintain support from your customers, including by providing a quality product or service, good value for money, and a great customer experience. The winner will be chosen by public vote, from amongst the nominees shortlisted by the judges. 

Innovation Award 
Sponsored by Alcatel Submarine Networks  (ASN) 

This award recognises high value businesses that have brought new ideas, processes, products, technologies and applications onto the market  that has helped the business stay competitive, survive and thrive. Judges will be looking to see how businesses are using technological advances, innovative approaches in their design of products, systems or processes to bring superior goods or services to their customers. This award is open to businesses, of all sizes, that can showcase new ideas that have been adopted in their business which have had a measurable impact. This might include innovative products or services, environmental or energy savings, IT, or automation.

Made in Greenwich Award 
Sponsored by Grant Saw Solicitors    

The creative economy and its industries are strategic sectors within the Greenwich economy that if nurtured can boost competitiveness, productivity, sustainable growth, and employment. Royal Greenwich is proud to have one of the largest concentrations of artist and makers. This category celebrates all things made in Greenwich, particularly the creative talent bringing new products and services to market, continuing Royal Greenwich's proud tradition as a place where things are created and produced. Examples of eligible businesses include artists and sculptors, architects, illustrators, jewellery-makers, designer-makers, etc. 
Market or Mobile Trader Award 
Sponsored by London City Airport    

This award recognises the rich and growing mix of Market and Mobile Traders operating across the borough. Whether you are licensed to trade by Royal Greenwich, or a private operator in one of the following markets: Greenwich Market, Royal Farmers' Market, Greenwich Vintage Market, Eltham Producers' Market, or Kidbrooke Market, nominees must explain how they have gained support from their customers, including by providing a quality product or service, and/or good value for money, and/or a great customer experience. The winner will be chosen by public vote, from the nominees shortlisted by the judges.  

Online Business Award 
Sponsored by Digital Greenwich Connect

This category recognises businesses that are making best use of digital technologies to improve processes, raise awareness, increase sales, reach new markets, better serve their customers and/or add competitive advantage. Applicants will need to demonstrate how the digital channels, such as websites, social media and apps, have had a positive impact on the business. Tell us your story – this could be a social media campaign that needs to be recognised, a website that took your business sales to the next level or a productivity app and task management systems to automate workflows.   

Professional Service Award
Sponsored by Berkeley Homes  

This award recognises businesses that require professional qualifications to deliver their services, demonstrate excellence in their sector and offer outstanding customer service. This award is open to any organisation that provides accounting, financial, insurance, legal, health, training, compliance, or other professional services (this also includes any organisation that provides investing, accounting, architecture, surveying, real estate, management consultancy, advertising, market research as well as services like medical support, pharmacy and dentistry).  

Tourism and Culture Award  
Sponsored by Uber Boat by Thames Clippers 

Tourism and culture is a key driver in delivering positive economic and social impact. It is vital to placemaking and helps make people want to visit, tell others of their experiences and come back to an area. As a royal borough steeped in history, this category highlights Royal Greenwich as a great visitor and entertainment destination. Nominees can include new and established organisations, including museums, galleries and event spaces, theatres, music venues, festivals, etc. Applicants should show how their use of creative or cultural skills has improved their business efficiency or profit or has helped sustain the business. In addition, the judges will also be looking to see how the business measures visitor experience and uses this information to make improvements.  
Workforce Development Award 
Sponsored by London South East Colleges (LSEC) 

Royal Greenwich wants to see more residents in good jobs with the skills they need to develop and progress in work. This category is open to all businesses, regardless of size or sector, who can show that they have created a supportive work environment for staff to reach their full potential. Businesses should be able to show their commitment to supporting staff – tell us how you do this, e.g. through staff training, talent management, Equality Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) initiatives, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) or the use of apprenticeships.

The shortlist is due to be announced in October, with nine of the category winners, and the overall winner, chosen by the judging panel.

Public Vote

Best Food and Drink, High Street Retailer, Market & Mobile Trader will be selected by public vote, which is due to open mid-October. 

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