Your responsibilities

If you're running a business, you have a responsibility to keep any pollution that may result from your business activities under control.

If you've a ventilation and cooling system, you must service it at appropriate intervals. It may pose a major health risk if it's installed or maintained wrong.

You must register wet cooling systems with Environmental Protection. We can then check your premises and prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Statutory nuisances

Smoke, gases, dust or smells from your premises may affect the use or enjoyment of other premises. We investigate all complaints about such nuisances, known as statutory nuisances.

We are not allowed by law to deal with complaints of smells from domestic properties.

If we can justify a complaint, we'll issue an abatement notice to the person responsible. This means the owner or occupier of the premise must reduce the emissions to an acceptable level.

Failure to follow an abatement notice is an offence and may lead to legal action.

Read the enforcement and prosecution policy

Report a problem

To report an air problem in your area, contact the Environmental Protection team.