What you should do in an emergency

A lot of the time we don't think about what we should do in an emergency until a disaster takes place.

It is worthwhile thinking in advance about what you should do if the worst happens. You should also pass this information on to your family.

Actions that you take to deal with an emergency can provide vital help to you, your family and friends, as well as relieving the pressure on the emergency services.

Helping the emergency services

In any emergency, you should always call 999 for assistance. Please don't assume that someone else has phoned. The more information that the emergency services have the better - this will assist them to send the correct level of response.

If the emergency services are already on the scene, please follow any instructions they give and please be prepared to help your elderly or less able neighbours if you can safely do so.

Where to get information during an emergency

In major emergency situations, it may be necessary to issue warnings and advice to the public.

These messages will normally be broadcast on radio, television and websites, including the Royal Borough of Greenwich website. In some cases dedicated telephone information lines may be set up.

Other methods may also be used, depending upon the nature of the emergency, including email alerts, social media, loudspeaker announcements, electronic notice boards and hand-delivered leaflets.

Residents' guide

Our emergency planning guide for residents gives some background information and practical ideas on how you can help yourself be prepared for any emergency:

Business guide

Find advice and guidance on planning for emergencies for businesses and other organisations (known as business continuity management).