What is the Women's Safety Charter?

The Royal Borough of Greenwich and Her Centre have produced the borough's first Women's Safety Charter.

The Charter sends a clear message to anyone who lives, works, studies or visits the borough that the safety of all women and girls is a priority. It also helps women and girls feel safer in spaces accessed by the public.

Why you should sign up

Anyone who lives, studies, visits or works in the borough should be free to do so without fear of sexual harassment, intimidation or violence.

We will work in partnership with our local communities, businesses and organisations to make this happen and, as a borough, take a zero tolerance approach to sexual harassment making Royal Greenwich the safest borough to be in. With your support, we can achieve this.

Reasons to sign up include:

  • If women and girls feel safe at your venue, and can tell you about sexual harassment, they are more likely to visit more often
  • No-one wants sexual harassment, intimidation and violence at their venue. By signing up, it will discourage those harassing others from doing so
  • With your agreement, Royal Greenwich will promote the fact that you have signed up to the Women's Safety Charter, attracting positive attention and publicity
  • Empowering your staff and local community to take a zero tolerance approach to sexual harassment.


The Charter consists of a Pledge signed by local businesses and organisations, who agree to uphold its principles and display it on their premises. The principles of the Pledge are to:

  • promote a culture that does not tolerate or accept harmful language, behaviour and attitudes towards women and girls
  • take any reports and disclosures of sexual harassment, violence or intimidation seriously and take appropriate action
  • do everything they can to provide an environment for women and girls that is equal, inclusive and safe
  • proudly support Royal Greenwich's movement towards being a safe place for all women and girls.

How to sign up

Any business, organisation or agency in Royal Greenwich can sign up for free, including schools and universities, community centres, taxi firms and public places (such as museums, libraries and leisure centres).

Signing up involves:

  • identifying a lead from your organisation who we can liaise with
  • signing the Pledge, agreeing to uphold its principles and to display it on your premises
  • displaying posters to raise awareness of sexual harassment, coercive control and drink spiking
  • meeting with one of our officers to receive information on the Charter, relevant signposting information and brief advice on sexual harassment
  • re-signing the Pledge annually.

You will receive:

  • laminated copies of the Pledge
  • posters
  • advice and guidance documents
  • promotion on our website (if you opt in)
  • ongoing support from our officers
  • other promotional materials may be available (for example badges, pens, window display stickers and beer mats) at a later stage
  • opportunity for training at a later stage.

To find out more information, and to sign up, contact the Safer Communities Team.