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Request footage of yourself

You can ask to view any CCTV or body worn video camera footage that you appear in. Under data protection law, you have a right to see any pictures if you are the subject. Please note that the Royal Borough of Greenwich only holds CCTV or body worn video footage recorded by the Council’s cameras and staff. If your request relates to footage recorded by other organisations, such as the police, you will need to contact this organisation directly.

To make a request, download and complete a request form. Be as exact as you can about time (within one hour), date and place.

Download the CCTV subject access request form

Send the completed form to the address on the form together with:

  • two proofs of identity - for example, driving licence, passport, recent utility bill

Most CCTV and body worn video footage recorded by the Council is deleted after 31 days, so please ensure that you submit your request promptly.

Requests From Insurance Companies

If you are requesting footage on behalf of an insurance company, please contact the Data Protection team (details below), stating that you are requesting footage on behalf of an insurance company. Please note that there may be a charge associated with requesting this footage.

Requests From Law Enforcement Organisations

If you are requesting footage on behalf of a law enforcement organisation, such as the police, please contact the Data Protection team (details below). Please enclose a completed Schedule 2 request form from your organisation, setting out the footage that you are seeking to access and why this footage is required.

What happens next

It takes up to 30 calendar days to get a response.

If we're satisfied with your reasons and can make sure that showing you the recording won't compromise anyone else's privacy, we'll grant your request.

You can only see footage of yourself unless all other individuals in the video have consented. We'll blank out or edit the pictures to make sure no-one else can be identified.

Only the person who made the request can see the recording.

Getting copies

You can only get a copy of the recording if the data protection officer is satisfied that both of the following apply:

  • the recording won't become part of a live criminal investigation, civil proceedings, or complaint
  • proper procedures will be followed.

Why we use CCTV and body cameras

We use footage from CCTV and body cameras as evidence in court cases as well as to help solve problems such as vandalism, drug use and drunkenness. Body-worn cameras also help to protect both wardens and possible offenders by providing evidence of what happened.

The main aims of the Royal Borough of Greenwich Community Safety CCTV system are to:

  • reduce the fear of crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour
  • deter crime
  • detect crime and provide evidence for court proceedings.

Standards and compliance

The Surveillance Camera Commission has certified that the Royal Borough of Greenwich is compliant with the surveillance camera code of practice. This certification is valid until March 2022.

View the Royal Borough of Greenwich's CCTV code of practice

Read about the Royal Borough of Greenwich's CCTV service standards

Download our CCTV performance and review documents