Charlton Riverside

Charlton Riverside covers 122 hectares and is an important employment area, with 380 businesses providing an estimated 5,600 jobs. Charlton Riverside has tremendous potential to become an exemplary new urban district within Royal Greenwich, integrating the Riverside with the existing Charlton community, and creating a thriving new neighbourhood which combines homes with employment, community uses and open spaces. 

Charlton Riverside is set to become a mixed-use quarter, characterised by medium-rise housing and a significant proportion of family homes. The site’s industrial heritage will shape a series of new neighbourhoods, integrating residential development with modern industrial, office and creative employment opportunities.  

A network of streets and open spaces will reflect the historical pattern of paths and boundaries, creating a healthy environment that encourages walking over using a car, where children can play outside, and residents and visitors can enjoy a varied and attractive selection of leisure, recreation, and social activities. Development will be supported by new schools and facilities. Improvements to Charlton Station and Woolwich Road will help to integrate new development with the rest of Charlton. 

Charlton Riverside Supplementary Planning Document

The Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) vision is underpinned by the following principles: 

  • An additional 5,000 – 7,500 homes (based on a more detailed assessment of the site's capacity) 
  • 50% family housing and 35% affordable housing 
  • Low to medium rise development (3-6 storeys)  
  • An additional 4,000 jobs (over and above existing employment) 
  • Integration of employment uses into new development  
  • Transport networks that reflect historic routes  
  • In future years, in the SIL area, subject to appropriate relocation, de-designation and new transport infrastructure being provided, some taller buildings may be permitted to transition into the Millennium Village and Peninsula 
  • Respect for heritage assets  
  • Creative design response to the need for flood protection  

View the Charlton Riverside SPD and map of the site