Development plans

Eltham is one of the three major town centres in the Royal Borough, along with Greenwich and Woolwich.

Historically important as the place where Henry VIII grew up, it is a thriving centre with a mix of national brands and independent shops.

High Street public realm

Eltham High Street recently underwent a major £6.6m improvement scheme as part of the Council's regeneration masterplan for the town centre. Work started in February 2016 and the majority of work, with the exception of a small area around the new cinema, has been completed for over a year. The scheme, primarily funded by Transport for London, has rejuvenated the public spaces and aimed to support the long term vitality of the high street through:

  • providing better crossings and giving more priority to pedestrians
  • planting new trees and landscaping
  • widening and re-paving of footpaths with high quality materials
  • upgrading street lighting
  • introduction of a 20mph speed limit
  • repositioning of some bus stops to reduce overcrowding
  • improving cycle facilities and lanes

The scheme was developed through extensive local consultation. One of the commitments the Council made was that after the completion of works we would re-consult residents and business to gauge levels of satisfaction and how well the measures implemented had fulfilled the stated objectives.

A post completion survey was completed over the summer 2018 and the results are summarised in the attached report.

Eltham Cinema

The Council is developing a six-screen cinema complex on Eltham High Street.

The complex will also house two new restaurants.

Passey Place

Passey place is a small public area which is used for entertainment and events, including a monthly market. It is also used by the public as a central meeting place. Entertainment is scheduled throughout the year.