New addresses

By law, all premises must have an approved address to allow for deliveries and quick identification in an emergency.

The council has the legal power to issue new and amend existing addresses to ensure that standard national addressing protocols are followed.

Street names

We maintain a list of suitable approved names for new streets and buildings.

Download the approved names list

Only names from the list will be considered, but there is a process for suggesting possible names for consideration. Please email for the guidelines.

House names

For private residential houses, you may choose a name of your own but it won’t form part of the official postal address.


When we number properties these national standard rules apply:

  • in a close the numbers run clockwise using consecutive numbers, unless the close is capable of being extended or serves more than approximately 30 dwellings
  • for any other street, odd numbers are used on the left and even numbers on the right, with your back to St Paul's Cathedral
  • each external main entrance should have a distinct number and internal flats can then be separately numbered
  • with extensions to streets additional properties are to be numbered into the existing street.


When a property is converted or has a change of use it may be necessary to re-number the whole building again. This may result in existing addresses being changed to avoid confusion. Please anticipate any additional paperwork and costs, as well as consulting with interested parties, before requesting a new address.

We reserve the right to retrospectively re-number an existing address where a property is created without planning permission or uses an unauthorised or confusing address.


Postcodes are allocated by the Royal Mail's Address Management Centre. The council has no powers in this matter. Please do not assume the postcode for a property until it is officially confirmed by Royal Mail.

Marketing new properties

Please do not pre-empt our decision on the addressing of a new property or development.

It should be pointed out in any promotional literature that a marketing name will not automatically be part of the official address. It is therefore advisable to be cautious in the use of names for marketing purposes. Numerous legal problems can arise, especially if purchasers have bought properties marketed under an unapproved name.

In such cases, we won’t accept responsibility or liability for additional fees and costs nor be forced to go against standard national addressing protocols.

How to apply

When you are ready to apply for a new address, download the street naming and numbering application pack.

In the application pack, you will find explanatory notes, a current fee list and an application form. You can also apply online.