Appeal a planning decision

You can appeal to the Planning Inspectorate if:

  • we refused permission to your application
  • you did not receive a decision within eight weeks or 13 weeks (major application)
  • we approved your application and were not happy with the attached planning conditions.

You must appeal:

  • householder planning applications within 12 weeks of the decision date
  • full planning applications within six months of the decision date.

If we did not make a decision within the statutory time frame, you can appeal up to six months after the decision was due.

Make an appeal online (Planning Inspectorate website)

The planning appeals process

The Planning Inspectorate will review the appeal and make a decision in one of three ways:

  • Written representations: This is the most common and popular form of appeal. The inspector considers written evidence from us and anyone else who has an interest. They also usually do a site inspection
  • Informal hearing: This involves discussions of the issues with us and the appellant led by the inspector
  • Public inquiry: This is where we hear verbal evidence from both sides, which is brought before an inspector. It's common for both sides to have some form of legal representation as there is cross-examination from the opposing parties.

Find out more about making an appeal (Planning Portal).