Duty Planner and pre-application service

We can assist you through the planning process to deliver high quality schemes and encourage all applicants to discuss proposals before submitting a planning application.

For homeowner and small business applications, this helps you identify any areas that you may need to change to make the proposal acceptable. It also helps you to understand what information you need to submit to ensure we can accept your application.

While we cannot guarantee the outcome of your application, it's more likely to succeed if you speak to us before submission, taking on board our recommendations.

For major applications, we encourage all applicants to come in for early discussions to establish the development potential of a site before committing to detailed design work. We provide guidance on whether the site is suitable for development and the type of development would be appropriate. You can use this initial advice to inform further design work.

Types of pre-application advice 

We provide the following services:

  • Duty Planner advice for homeowners and small businesses
  • listed building advice
  • small and medium proposals
  • planning enforcement advice
  • major applications.

Our Duty Planner and pre-application service guidance explains the service we offer in detail.


Duty Planner and pre-application service fees

Booking and payment

Before booking an appointment, we recommend that you read the Duty Planner and pre-application service guidance.

Book a pre-application appointment

Payment is made online as part of our booking service for the Duty Planner, listed building and enforcement advice.

For the minor and major pre-application service we recommend that you pay online as it is the fastest and easiest way to pay.

If you would prefer not to pay online, please fill in the form online and tick the pay offline option. Details on how to pay will be provided to you in your confirmation email. We will not book a meeting without payment being received. 


Pre-application advice does not guarantee a positive outcome for your formal planning application. This service provides you with information to help you prepare an application that is more likely to succeed.

We make every effort to provide accurate information based on the information you provide. We consider each proposal on its own merits.