Check your housing rent account

Check your housing rent account on the self service site

Calculation of monthly housing charges

Housing charges are your rent and water rates, plus any other payments your make for heating, insurance, garage rental and so on.

Monthly payments are determined by dividing the number of weeks in the financial year by 12, to find the monthly proportion. This calculation usually results in a lot of decimal places, so it is rounded up, or down, to a whole amount. To keep your annual charge exact, an adjustment is made in the first month. This ensures that you are not overcharged, or placed in arrears.

Therefore, your monthly payments will be:

Monthly housing charges 2018/19
Month Charge
April 2018 Weekly housing charges x 4.37
May 2018 to March 2019 Weekly housing charges x 4.33

For example, if your weekly housing charges were £95 then your monthly payments would be:

  • £415.15 for April only
  • £411.35 for each month from May to March.

Housing charges records and statements

You should keep your own records of housing charges payments so that you know that your account is up to date.

We also send you a housing statement every three months and we will write to you if your account falls into arrears.

Rent setting policy

Government policy directs how rents should be set by local authorities and registered social landlords.

The stated objectives of this policy are:

  • rents should remain affordable in the long term
  • rents should be fairer and less confusing for tenants
  • there should be a closer link between rents and the qualities that tenants value in properties
  • unjustifiable differences between the rents set by local authorities and by registered social landlords should be removed over ten years.

How rents are calculated

The Government requires all local authorities to calculate the rent for each of their properties according to a set formula.

This formula takes into account:

  • the market value of the individual property in January 1999 compared to the national average value for other local authority properties
  • the number of bedrooms in the property
  • average earnings of manual workers in the county or borough compared to national average earnings.