You must be on the housing register to bid for social housing.

Find out how to apply to join the housing register.

All available social housing properties are listed in a system called Greenwich Homes. The list is also published in Greenwich Info

A new list is published at 2pm every Wednesday. It expires at midnight on the following Sunday. This means you have 4 days to bid.

You can bid for properties: 

  • online 
  • by text message 
  • by telephone 

You can look at the full list of available properties or search by property type or area. You can bid on as many properties as you want, if you are in the right band for them. 

There are different types of properties with different rents and terms, so you must check them carefully and make sure you can afford the homes you bid on. 

The system usually has photographs of each property and always lists relevant details, including the: 

  • address 
  • number of bedrooms 
  • type of property 
  • floor it is on, if it is a flat 
  • local transport links 
  • band(s) of people who can bid