About the HouseProud Pledge

All social housing providers can sign up to the House Proud Pledge to show their commitment to equality and support for LGBTQ+ residents.  Logo reading 'House Proud Pledge Pioneer' with a key hole filled with LGBTQ+ flag colours

The HouseProud Pledge addresses the issues raised from research done to look at the experiences of LGBTQ+ social housing residents. Read the No Place Like Home research report. 

The Royal Borough of Greenwich has signed up to the pledge and is working to achieve Pledge Pioneer status

What we’re doing 

We’re improving LGBTQ+ inclusion within Greenwich by: 

  • ensuring communication with residents is inclusive and respectful 
  • setting up and running staff training to improve awareness of LGBTQ+ lives and interactions with residents 
  • being an openly LGBTQ+ supportive organisation  
  • improving accessibility to relevant information and services  
  • working to involve LGBTQ+ residents and allies to help design and review policies 

Get involved 

To get involved you can

  • share your experiences (both positive and negative) 
  • sign up to be an Equality YourView Champion 
  • join our focus group, to work with us on key areas that affect the LGBTQ+ community 

For more information or to register your interest in getting involved, email YourView@royalgreenwich.gov.uk.