The external auditor's annual letter

The external auditor's annual audit letter helps the public to see how the Royal Borough of Greenwich manages public funds.

We are required to:

  • publish the annual audit letter as soon as reasonably possible once we've received it
  • keep copies of the letter available for purchase by any person.

View the annual audit letter 2019 to 2020

What is the audit letter?

The external auditor's annual audit letter to councillors is an independent scrutiny of our practices, procedures and systems.

While mainly concerned with financial performance, procedures and principles, a significant amount of performance management work is carried out by the external auditor.

This includes a programme of work designed to help the external auditor assess our arrangements to secure value for money in its use of resources.

This work will suggest areas where improvements might be made. In general, these have been accepted and officers have agreed action plans for their implementation.