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Equality objectives and information

Royal Borough of Greenwich's equality objectives are published every four years.

Equality objectives 2020 to 2024

  • Ensuring that equalities policies and procedures are applied consistently and sensitively across the Council.
  • Make sure our workforce is representative of the wider population and report on how well we are achieving this.
  • Ensure that senior management take the lead in promoting equality and embed it across the organisation through their own model behaviour.
  • Encouraging knowledge and resource sharing by removing silos within the organisation and supporting our staff and most vulnerable residents to achieve their best.
  • Improving and developing our services through feedback, to make sure residents' needs are better met, with a focus on those with protected characteristics.
  • Ensuring that managers receive training to make sure disabled staff (including those with invisible disabilities) are supported in their roles and career development, and better understanding is promoted in teams.

Equality and equity objectives action plan 2020 to 2024

Cabinet agreed an action plan for the equality and equity objectives in March 2021. It outlines how the Council will deliver on these objectives over its 4-year term.

Download the Equality and Equity Action Plan

Compliance monitoring

Each year the Royal Borough publishes information demonstrating how it has complied with the equality duties.

Download our equality plans and reports

Other information

Reports available on request includes:

  • reports of equality impact assessments on key decisions
  • departmental service/business plans
  • consultation results.