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How we will ensure the equality policy is carried out

We will seek to:

  • ensure that equality is fully integrated into mainstream service planning, commissioning, management and delivery
  • carry out equality impact assessments on all relevant key decisions
  • monitor services and council employment by equality criteria
  • publish specific and measurable equality objectives
  • publish information showing how we have complied with our legal responsibilities
  • provide training and information for our staff to ensure they are aware of the policy and able to apply it when carrying out their duties
  • consult with stakeholders where appropriate.

Fostering good relations

To "foster good relations between people who share a relevant protected characteristic and people who do not share it", the Royal Borough will use positive images and report positive stories in our publications and on our website:

  • implement policies to support community cohesion through community engagement, cultural and leisure activities
  • work closely with partner organisations in the voluntary, private and statutory sectors.