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How to report fraud or malpractice

Are you concerned that somebody you know, or have had contact with, may be abusing the Royal Borough of Greenwich's services or premises? Or are you someone working with the Royal Borough who has witnessed malpractice?

The Royal Borough has a free 24-hour reporting line that you can call on 0800 169 6975. You can also email

All reports are treated in the strictest confidence.

What kind of thing should I report?

You can use this number to report:

  • fraud
  • risks to health and safety
  • illegal practices
  • council members not meeting their obligations
  • a cover up of any of the above.

I have seen something but I'm not sure I want to report it

People often feel nervous of coming forward and reporting malpractices that they have witnessed. It is important to remember that these issues affect everybody and may be costing the Royal Borough and the taxpayer money.

It is of benefit to all residents of the Royal Borough that these illegal activities are identified and stopped as soon as possible.

Malicious reports

Reports made with malicious intent cause unnecessary harm to those accused. They also waste time and money that could be spent investigating genuine reports.

Please do not be tempted to make a report against somebody just to settle a personal grudge.