Booking and charges

Find out more about charges for our interpreting and translation services and how to book.

Interpreting charges

For interpreting provided by the Royal Borough of Greenwich, there is a charge of:

  • £35 for the first hour; and
  • £17.50 for every half hour afterwards.

There is a £5 daily fee for Oyster travel costs.

For other languages we can arrange for freelance interpreters, however charges are likely to be greater. In these cases, the charges will be agreed with the you or the referrer as part of the pre-confirmation booking.

Translation charges

Translation work is charged at £30 for the first 100 words plus £10 for each subsequent 100 words.

British Sign Language charges

The range of charges for British Sign Language freelance interpreters will be a flat rate of between £90 and maximum of £110 for two to three hours (plus travel). 

Two British Sign Language interpreters will be needed for sessions longer than two hours.

All Royal Greenwich Interpreting Service transactions are subject to VAT (external customers only).

How to book a service

To book an interpreter or translator, please complete our booking form or contact the Royal Greenwich Interpreting Service directly.

Book an interpreter or translator 

It is strongly recommended that you book an interpreter as early as possible. We can provide a crisis service as necessary, but we prefer as much notice as possible for non-urgent bookings. It is a good idea to book an interpreter at the same time as you arrange the meeting that you will need them for.

Cancelling a booking

If you wish to cancel a booking, please let us know as soon as possible. A charge of one hour will be applied if the booking is cancelled within 24 hours' notice. There is no charge if cancellation more than 24 hours' notice. 

For British Sign Language, a charge of 50 per cent will be made if a session is cancelled with eight to 14 days' notice. The full fee will be charged if a session is cancelled seven days or less prior to the appointment. No charge is made outside of time this as staff can secure alternative work.