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Corporate complaints procedure

This is for formal complaints against Children's Services that are outside of the statutory Children Act complaints procedure. For example, complaints about school admissions, special educational needs provisions, school attendance and early help services.

Stage one - investigation

At stage one, the service team will investigate the complaint and talk to officers and contractors for the service.

We aim to acknowledge we've received a stage one complaint within two working days, and to provide a written response within 15 working days.

Stage two - review

If you're not happy with the stage one response, you can ask for your complaint to be moved onto a stage two review.

You should ask for a review within 20 working days of receiving the stage one response.

You need to explain why you're not satisfied with the stage one response and what outcome you need to resolve your complaint.

We aim to acknowledge we've received a stage two complaint within two working days.

At stage two, a senior manager will complete a thorough review of the complaint and the previous stage one response and will aim to provide a written response within 20 working days.