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Annual confirmation of voter details

Every year we send a household enquiry form to every home in the borough which asks a member of the household to confirm all the eligible voters at the property.

The form we have sent you will tell you if you need to respond and contains:

  • the details of all those in the household who are registered to vote
  • instructions on how to confirm or update the details if you need to respond or have changes you need to tell us about
  • the unique property security codes that you'll need to complete the form online.

To respond to the form please call us on 020 8921 5184 or email the full details of the address, people that should be removed, amended and added to 

It is a legal requirement to respond when asked to do so.

The government have introduced a new way to keep the electoral register up to date, which is why the forms look different this year.

Electoral registration is a two-step process

Remember: if you’re not listed as registered to vote and you think you are eligible (British, EU or Commonwealth citizen over the age of 17) register to vote now in addition to completing the household form.

register to vote